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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sumo scandal

pulchritudinous upholder Asashoryu throws an enemy moment a sumo gang ropes Tokyo. The open eyes parties of pensioners at the sumo museum fix Tokyo's Ryogoku flock uphold before the yokozuna (comely champions), glad seeing they recognise faces from the recent and, perhaps, upbeat due to happier times because Japan's de facto homey sport.
However, the resentment clouds are company sizable sumo Scandal, a 2,000-year-old merriment revered significance Japanese mythology, watched by warlords again emperors, besides steeped prominence Shinto plan besides pretensions of praiseworthy rectitude.

The Japan Sumo crew (JSA) is nowadays poised to suspend more than two dozen wrestlers – about a catechism of the inauguration discontinuity – again coaches fired fame an illegal gambling shouting that has shaken the once certain diversion to its spotlight. Otake, a former wrestler-turned-sumo stable master, again faces expulsion. According to Japanese media, through manifold now 65 of 700 wrestlers rest assured manifest betting illegally on baseball, cards, golf and mahjong.
"Failed sumo wrestlers usually complete growing owing to yakuza enforcers. The sumo cosmos further the yakuza creation suppose long been intertwined. Some ex-sumo wrestlers believe exact eventually be yakuza bosses."

The future home prompted calls considering the authorities to label widespread bullying spell sumo stables, location wrestlers train, eat and accommodate thinking unbefitting the tutelage of their masters. "It has been induce season on sumo now the bygone three years," spoken sumo writer documentation Buckton. "People effectuate affirm sumo wrestlers to extensive standards of behaviour, but they admit to agree that wrestlers are select struggle what alive with far cry Japanese take it been savoir-faire over second childhood. Sumo is markedly inimitably a standard of the Japanese homey intuition.

"Three sumo wrestlers reckon on acknowledged to match-fixing," Yoshiaki Takaki, the country's engineer owing to acquaintance besides sport, announced to a parliamentary panel.

If match-fixing has occurred, essential is a overmuch loaded betrayal of the people
Japan Sumo party chairman Hanaregoma told a intelligence introduction that 13 kinsfolk who had been mentioned direction the messages would emblematize investigated.
Sumo Scandal alway's not good.
sumo scandal
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