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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Homeless Black Man Forces 'Racist' White Man to Apologize at Gunpoint

And the dude apologized, profusely apparently.

He even told the police he didn't think that race was a factor in being forced at gunpoint to apologize for racism! Man, the left's race-grifters have been dreamily successful in training petrified whites into zombified white racial groveling!

At KOMO News 4 Seattle, "Charge: Man with gun demands victim apologize to black people":
SEATTLE -- A 35-year-old homeless black man is being held on $500,000 bail after he pointed a gun at a white man's face and demanded he apologize for all the things white people did to black people, according to charges filed with King County Superior Court.

Chikwanha Eastling Nyashanu has been charged with assault and malicious harassment for the Aug. 11 incident near the basketball courts at Green Lake Community Center.

According to probable cause documents, Nyashanu walked up to the victim around 9:15 p.m., pointed a gun at his face and demanded the apology.

The victim later told officers he was scared out of his mind and offered Nyashanu his wallet. According to the documents, Nyashanu said he didn't want the wallet, just an apology.

According to the documents, the victim apologized profusely to Nyashanu, who pulled the gun away from the victim's head and walked away.

Officers found Nyashanu nearby and tazed him after he refused orders to get on the ground, according to probable cause documents. Officers reportedly found his gun loaded and additional ammo in his backpack.

Nyashanu, who denies having substance abuse or mental health issues, was arrested and booked into King County Jail, according to the documents.

The victim told officers he believes he was targeted because he was the only white person walking in the area, and Nyashanu would have demanded an apology from someone else if he hadn't been there.

Regardless, the victim told officers he doesn't think the crime was racially motivated. But, officers could find no other evidence for the attack and believe the victim was threatened based on his perceived race and color.
No, not racially motivated at all!

Well, at least the police thought otherwise, but of course they're just tools of the racist criminal justice system of capitalist oppression. Personal responsibility to so bourgeois. We've evolved past that by now, thanks to our enlightened class of progressive-socialist betters!

HAT TIP: Moonbattery.

Added: Linked at the Mad Jewess, "#BlackPrivilege: ‘Apologize White Man For Being ‘Racist’ Says Gun-Wieding Black Man."

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